andro - Racket

androKinCFCarboAraOFF.jpg andro Kinetic CF Carbo-Aramid OFF
"SOLD OUT" KINETIC CF CARBO-ARAMID OFF 85g - S95 - C93 - S99 Aramide reinforcement fibers have extremely high power absorption abilities. The Aramide-Carbon-fiber reduces vibration and enables an outstanding feeling for the ball during the match. Black-Fine-Veneer outer piles guarantee a lot of speed also at short arm movements. The blade features a steady rebound of the ball at nearly the whole blade area. These carbon-aramide fibers not only stabilize this extraoridnary offensive blade but also your game. 7-ply construction.
androKineticCFCarOFFpl.jpg andro Kinetic CF Carbon OFF+
KINETIC CF CARBON OFF+ - 85g - S97 - C90 - S100 Explosive power and super lightweight. Enormous speed but never-the-less combined with 1.5 to 2.0 mm rubbers the right choice for lower level players. Especially made for the offensive player with short arm movements for blocking and straighforward movements. With long and fast impacts each ball becomes a rocket and supplies substantial problems for each opponent. Black-Fine-veneer-outer plies and Ajous-middle plies provide power and feeling to the blade. 7-ply construction.
androKinCFCarbOFFmin.jpg andro Kinetic CF Carbon OFF-
KINETIC CF CARBON OFF- 85g - S89 - C96 - S96 A super lightweight Kiri-basic layer and 0.6mm Koto outer ply for powerful all-round and offensive players. Carbon fibers increase the stiffness of the blade and care already in the blade area for a significant reduction of the vibration impacts of the ball. Combined with the Kinetic System in the grip area a sample of a perfect feedback when hitting the ball. 7-ply construction.
androKineticCFKevCarbOFF.jpg andro Kinetic CF Kevlar-Carbon OFF
KINETIC CF CARBON OFF 85g - S93 - C95 - S98 A blend of Kevlar and Carbon fibers offer an outstanding feeling for this blade. The termendous feedback of the ball rebound is like the ball flying on rails. 7-ply construction but super lightweight offensive blade. Optimum handling. The enormous sweet spot zone absorbs off center strokes.
androKineticCFTitaniuALLpl.jpg andro Kinetic CF Titanium ALL+
KINETIC CF TITANIUM ALL+ - 85g - S85 - C97 - S97 Sensitive sound by perfectly selected thin Abaci plywood. 2 titanium layers for a good speed and a consistent rebound of the ball. Especially made for all-round players who don't always hit the ball at center sweet spot in topspin or straight forward movements. Extremely absorbing non center strokes. Ideal for players who are not able to spend excessive time for training. 7-ply construction.
androSuCoALL.jpg andro Super Core ALL
SUPER CORE ALL - 75g - S81 - C96 - S94 A modern medium fast all-round blade with extra good feeling. Made from sewed plies with only the surface of the blade being relatively smoother. The blade is free of any warping and one will find the same playing conditions on nearly all positions on the surface. A real benefit for all-round players who are in need of maximum feeling. Playing strategy: All-round player, especially looking for control.
androSuCoALLpl.jpg andro Super Core ALL+
SUPER CORE ALL+ - 75g - S84 - C95 - S95 An Allround+ blade with new technology. Conceived for players who need maximum feeling for the ball, setting value on the extra precise placing of the ball. It features a widened sweet spot that often conceals stroke inaccuracies when hitting the ball. Compared to other ALL+ blades, the SUPER CORE ALL+ is furnished with a relatively high-speed character and enables its user enough scope for aggressive play.
androSuCoDEF.jpg andro Super Core DEF
***SOLD OUT***SUPER CORE DEF - 80g - S72 - C96 - S86 In former times defensive players looked only for heavy and big sized blades. Modern defenders more and more try to destroy the offensive game of their opponents. To succeed they still need a big size but simultaneously low-weight blade that is not too slow. The SUPER CORE DEF fulfils this demand. The Kiri-basic layer, similar to balsa material, combined with Limba outer layers, gives excellent ball feeling. The 156mm blade design additionally adds extraordinary control in the fefensive play.
androSupCoOFF.jpg andro Super Core OFF
SUPER CORE OFF 80 grams - S89 - C90 - S96 Cellulose layers enlarge the sweet spot and conceal wrong strokes. Features: 3.2mm Ajous central ply and 0.6mm Koto outer ply for dominating, strategic offensive play. A compressed paper structure brings further benefits to the enlarged sweet spot. The 149mm radius provides fast handling.
androSuCorOFFmi.jpg andro Super Core OFF-
"SOLD OUT" SUPER CORE OFF- 80g - S86 - C93 - S96 The formula for a perfect offensive play is called SUPER CORE OFF-. Based on the success of the SUPER CORE OFF, andro developed the solution for combining a lot of speed for top spin strokes and a slow controlled performance for block strategies. A special gluing technique, selected plywood and a fast vibration reduction by the Super Core technology results into a top class blade.
andoSussKinAllPl.jpg andro - CHRISTIAN SÜSS Kinetic Hinoki ALL+
CHRISTIAN SÜSS KINETIC HINOKI ALL+ 70g-S86-C97-S94 By the use of Hinoki outer veneers, an Allround+ blade with tremendous feeling could be developed. The even surface and the soft ball blocking feel of the Hinoki veneers make your matches an experience of a very special kind and promote a sensitive play. Feel it from the first stroke the excellent ball feedback gives you all the safety for your game. The dream-come-true of every allrounder!
androSussKinOFF.jpg andro - CHRISTIAN SÜSS Kinetic Hinoki OFF
CHRISTIAN SÜSS KINETIC HINOKI OFF 85g-S91-C93-S97 The Offensive blade is made from slightly thicker veneers than its ALL+ pendant. This results in outstanding speed features. The typical Hinoki feeling enables to a very precise control of the ball. Consistent playing characteristics on nearly the complete blade are created by specially selected veneers. Highly recommended for players acting against counter spin. A spin-loving blade through its very good catapult effect. S:91 C:93 R:97 Straight - Flair - Anatomic
androBlaX.jpg andro BlaX
BlaX TECHNOLOGY - BlaX ALL+ and BlaX OFF****BlaX ALL+ - S85 - S95 - C95**The BlaX ALL+ is a very light weight all round blade with a balsa centre of 4.5mm thickness. The super-soft playing perception combined with very good speed features are the best prerequisites for a successful all round to offensive strategy.**Recommended for players of all playing levels.**Weight 73g****BlaX OFF - S92 - S96 - C92**The BlaX OFF is an offensive blade for players that love the inimitable balsa feeling. Within the construction of the wood explosive power is hiding, only waiting to be released - this can be felt by a slight top-heaviness. Ideal ball feeling experience despite the low weight. The 6-mm thick balsa centre is strutted with 22 ajous cross veneers to promote the energy transfer.**Recommended for players from mid to high playing levels.**Weight 78g
androFiberComp.jpg andro - FIBERCOMP DEF
SOLD OUT - andro FIBERCOMP DEF - S75 - S89 - C100 - The Magic Weapon for defensive players searching for outstanding control! If you combine this 7-layer DEF plywood with long pimple out rubbers you can easily play dangerous stop blcoks right behind the net. Further the FIBERCOMP enables you to play "flutter balls" with a high disruption factor. Dependent on the situation it is - specifically due to the blade construction strengthened by two glass fiber veneers - possible to switch immediately to offensive playing. In the defence play this high class plywood technology has an excellent spin reversal. Due to its balsa core the blade is ligh-weight and provides an ideal ball feedback. The blade design is around 156mm with an extra large sweetspot that minimises the mistake level.**Weight 85g - 5+2 plies
androSUPERCORECELLOFF.jpg andro Super Core CELL OFF
SUPER CORE CELL OFF 85g The thin outer veneers have a particularly possitive impact in this OFF version and create a higher rebound effect. With this blade the player chooses a fantastic composition of speed and control features. The ideal equipment for the variable playing system. The special SUPER CORE CELL feeling and the higher ball bounce allow well-placed strokes also from half-distance. Compared to its predecessor the ball flying curve is significantly higher and easy to manage. RECOMMENDED: For players with average practice efforts. The low weight makes it very gentle in terms of arm and wrist exposure.
androSUPERCORECELLOFFP.jpg andro Super Core CELL OFF+
SUPER CORE CELL OFF+ - 85g The SUPER CORE CELL OFF+ is a very fast offensive blade, yet it is easy to play with. It requires the player's full commitment to tompletely activate the blade's speed resources. The CELL OFF+ provides very good elasticity and control with clearly more power in every ball. The strengthened fibres of the 7-layered veneer construction releases energy more efficiently. Also balls that are not hit in the centre will be equipped with sufficient power due to the bigger sweetspot. RECOMMENDED: For a very offensive playing system.
SUPER CORE CELL CARBON OFF - 85g By the use of Hi-Tec carbon fibres the andro product developers could build a blade which conveys a solid stiffness but does not yet feel too hard ball feeling par excellence! The carbon-nano strings cause an even better sound when hitting the ball. The excellent plywood combination provides much more speed than similar CARBON blades so far. This results in more stability, fewer vibrations in the blade and better control. The CARBON OFF is slightly top heavy with a medium ball flying curve. RECOMMENDED: Players with high technical skills willing to take risks will get enthusiastic!
androSUPERCORECELLOFFM.jpg andro Super Core CELL OFF-
SUPER CORE CELL OFF- 80g - The CELL OFF- combines the power of an offensive blade with the fantastic feeling for the ball know from an allround wood-therefore the ideal choice for many players. Through the OFF- is relatively fast you will never have the feeling of losing control of the ball. This enables to comfortably reliable blocks without the loss of speed especially in the passive play. A change-over to active top spins happens easily because the high base speed reduces work. The innovative small cells within the grip system filled with special foam maximise the feeling for the ball and further help to decrease the error rate for strokes hit under time pressure. RECOMMENDED: The perfect blade for the sportive offensive athlete.
androSUPERCORECELLALLP.jpg andro Super Core CELL ALL+
SUPER CORE CELL ALL+ - 80g - With this 7-layer Allround+ blade andro has created a powerful balde with strengthened fibre layers. The basic idea for this blade's construction was finding a perfect mix of comfortable playing, low mistakes level and top technique. Playing the CELL ALL+ every stroke gives the impression of having hit the ball just perfectly in the centre of the balde. The inner veneers are thinner than in the ALL version which results in a very soft feeling. The CELL ALL+ adds more continuty to the play and transmits a feeling of perfect control. RECOMMENDED: The high ball flying curve improves control.
androSUPERCORECELALL.jpg andro Super Core CELL ALL
SUPER CORE CELL ALL - 80g - Who ever tested different allround blades knows that they are not constructed the same at all. Only the exactly correct blade will lead the player to victories. The veneers of the SuperCore CELL Allround have been selected in a way that maximises the mistake tolerance also for balls which are not hit precisely. Compared to conventional allround blades the CELL ALL is made of slighly thicker inner veneers and thus it is more robust. The well-balanced weight provides good control also when a player practises less. The wide range of modern stroke variations can easily be learned with this blade. RECOMMENDED: As the high ball flying curve is very forgiving to mistakes it is the ideal equipment for beginners.
androCS7.jpg andro CS7 VELOCITY Series
CS7 VELOCITY OFF+ - 90g - Pure speed for unconditional offensive; five Ayous-piles surrounded by two rigid Hinokiplies provide an incomparable penetrating power. Even with slightly slower arm movements precise and hard strokes can be achieved. The core of more elastic Ayous-wood permits dangerous top-spin strokes from half-distance. RECOMMENDED: For absolute offensive players with good technical skills willing to take risks. CS7 TOUR OFF - 90g - Compared to the PRO the CS7 TOUR is furnished with additional speed resources. The key to the noticeable power is the layer of Limba outer-plywood. Core-and intemediate plies in different thickness were perfectly matched together. RECOMMENDED: Created for players who do not blow an easy point and constantly put pressure on the opponent with topspin strokes. CS7 PRO OFF - 90g - The CS7 PRO convinces with a high level of control and the opportunity of playing a number of spin variations. The 7 evenly thick Ayous layers were glued together in a special way so that they interact well and are bendable in different ways. At any time the player gets a direct however, not hard playing experiences. RECOMMENDED: For ambitious players acting forward making use of variable topspins!
androKineticSup.jpg andro Kinetic SUPREME
KINETIC SUPREME OFF - 82g - A clear recommendation for the split-orientated modern offensive player. A Koto Ayous veneer combination stands for excellent ball feeling and control without lacking enough power for offensive action. The high ball bounce gives some extra impulse in regard to block-and topspin-strategies. A thin Koto outer veneer creates a fantastic feedback in regard to ball contact and undreamed possibilities for spin-orientated action are opened to the player. RECOMMENDED: Advantageous features are the light weight and the Kinetic technology, built-in the grip, exposing the KINETIC SUPREME OFF as an absolute top class blade. KINETIC SUPREME OFF- 82G - Unflying speed, control, margin of error and ball feeling was the target when developing the KINETIC SUPREME OFF-. The Kin core veneer is the dominating character, being the key for an excellent speed feature. Extreme thin outer layers emphasize a pleasant rebound effect, accompanied by an extraordinary high ball bounce. This feature enables the player to create immensely dangerous topspin strokes. RECOMMENDED: Those who do not find enough control when using conventional offensive blades, but nevertheless are looking for a satisfying speed significance, will find a functionally adequate blade by choosing KINENTIC SUPREME OFF-. KINETIC SUPREME ALL+ - 85g - The right choice for the allround player who often tends to offensive action. In fact, this is by tendency more an offensive blade having its advantages because of supeb control and margin of error, orignating from the perfect fine tuned veneers. These features are supported by high end Koto outer plies. Moreover, careful gluing of the veneers lead to an extra large sweet spot. RECOMMENDED: Conventional ALL+ blades often disregard offensive ambitions of players where as the KINETIC SUPREME ALL+ clearly shows its ability. The very stiff core veneer pools the whole strength of the stroke and set it free when hitting the ball.
androKineticZFIBER.jpg andro Kinetic SUPREME OFF-Z-FIBER/HINOKI
***SOLD OUT***KINETIC SUPREME OFF- Z-FIBER/HINOKI - 85g - The smooth touch of a Hinoki wood combined with hardness and stability of a Z-fibre wood. The result, A blade exposing its all over strength. For those to win by controlled blocks and uncompromising play. This blade is really a multi-talent. RECOMMENDED: The weight reduction achieved comes up to a lot of players wish to have an extra lightweight Carbon blade. Moreover, this blade has another positive feature, A pleasant balance!
androKineticSupOFFP.jpg andro Kinetic SUPREME OFF+
KINETIC SUPREME OFF+ - 90g - The plywood composition consisting of Ayous and Koto veneers fulfills any needs of offensive actors. A slightly thicker center ply has the function of a gas pedal and offers enough power reserves to speed up the game whenever the player wants to. Positioned around the core we can find two noticeable thinner outer piles that serve best possible feeling. In passive situations they absorb speed and make it easy to play well controlled and precisely positioned blocks. RECOMMENDED: Players who have a similar style to "Krile", thus like to pressurize the opponent by spinblocks and aggressive topspin attacks, will love the andro KINETIC SUPREME OFF+.
androSupCarOff.jpg andro Kinetic SUPREME CARBON OFF
KINETIC SUPREME CARBON OFF - 90g - Preference is with the direct touch, being characteristic for Carbon constructed blades. The player exact ball contact feedback and high basic speed character lead to powerful strokes. While the Carbon layers are directly positioned around the core veneer, the blade is additionally stabilized, resulting into more control. The high ball flying path make the KINETIC SUPREME OFF CARBON a superb option for those players, tending to aggressive topspin strokes. RECOMMENDED: The slightly top-heavy construction at a total weight of approx. 90g provides with additional dynamic. A blade, developed to fullfil the highest demands.