Donier - Racket

Donier International, "When it come to table tennis equipment feel the difference". We are not just talking nonsense!
DonierAllblade.jpg Donier Allround
This Allround Blade has Excellent Ball Feel for modern Allround Players.
DonierAllplusblade.jpg Donier Allround+
This Allround+ Blade is designed for the table tennis players that can combine good speed and control.
Donierosn08D.jpg Donier Balsa Carbon OFF+
New! Extremely fast blade. The best choice for the players who prefer intensive attacking play. Balsa Carbon OFF+ has optimal thickness of the carbon fiber's in combination with specifically selected directories of plies. This give the blade Excellent Speed and Control Characteristics.
DonierBalsaOFFpl.jpg Donier Balsa OFF+
Balsa OFF+ is NEW! This is an Extremely FAST Blade. This blade is Excellent for the players who demand Intensive Attacking Play! The quality and lightness of this Balsa Blade show the highest possible speed without losing too much control.
DonierCarbonblade.jpg Donier Carbon
Carbon Blade: This Optimal thickness of the carbon fiber is a combination of specially selected directions of piles that give the blade excellent speed, and control characteristics.
DonierDefblade.jpg Donier Defensive
This Defensive Blade is Oversized! This blade is best for players who choose Defense Style to win.
DonierOffblade.jpg Donier Offensive
This Offensive Blade is Excellent Speed and Spin characteristics for Dynamic Offensive Players.