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"Experience made during 20 years of top sports which are applied for the realization of perfect products." andro all that is good in table tennis!
androbackside40.gif andro Backside 40 Rubber
The same rubber top sheet is used as the Backside 35 so the main difference between these two rubbers is the fact that the BACKSIDE 40 has a sponge with more bouncing power. The 1.8 and 2.1mm versions have enough power to perform strong topspins or smashes against weak offensive play from your opponent. The ball contact time is relatively long to provide high control. S:79 SP:103 C:85 Philosophy: variable allround play Density: 40 inverted pimples Thickness of sponge: 1.3/1.5/1.8/2.1
androclou.gif andro Clou Rubber
With the new andro CLOU a topspin can be stopped and made to bounce twice on the opponent's side of the table. With the new andro CLOU you can easily make a ball tremble. With he new andro CLOU you won't worry about the opponent's spin any more. The new andro CLOU has super-soft long pimples that consistently bend unexpectedly. Its extraordinary wider spaced pimple geometry causes an even meaner flexing of the pimples. The new andro CLOU has extremely smooth pimple heads. S:6 SP:9 DISRUPTIVE EFFECT 9 Philosophy: Long pimples out Density: medium 45 Thickness of sponge: OX/1.0/1.5
androimplus.gif andro Impuls Rubber
IMPULS is manufactured in a modified TENSOR technique, but therefore softer and with a higher elastically than traditional rubbers. It absorbs energy when playing passively and releases energy during active playing. All round players would never have been able to control such a fast rubber before. Now they can. Slice or block, or smash, the 30 degree soft sponge provides the right amount of absorption for every speed. When attacking with spin or smashing, this "all round" TENSOR construction produces power, resulting in higher ball flight velocity and making the balls fly more precise like a various-rubber. Philosophy: Spin offensive and speed-gluing effect. Density: 30 degrees inverted pimples
androMaXcellSup.jpg andro Maxcell Supersponge
Through the use of a highly effective, delicate sponge a mixture of synthetic and natural caoutchouc the Maxcell Supersponge produces more bouncing power even for slower topspin strokes. It therefore, allows very early action and improved feeling for the ball. Speed glue advice: Allow thicker sponges of 2.4 and 2.6mm more glue and more time to soak in. S:97 SP:103 C:65 Philosophy: max, Spin Density: soft 35 degree inverted pimples Thickness of sponge: 2.0/2.2/2.4/2.6
androQUAD480.jpg andro Revolution QUAD 480
QUAD 480 HARD: 1.8/2.0/MAX S108 - SP104 - C70 During fast topspin strokes, the hard Revolution QUAD 480 reaches the highest ever measured spin and speed results of the QUAD series. Despite its solid sponge it is a very well playable rubber that should primarily be used by top level players. STRONGEST TENSOR-EFFECT ***FOR HIGH CLASS PLAYERS***
androRev.jpg andro Revolution Rubber
TENSOR rubbers are faster and have more control. When creating REVOLUTION, andro concentrated on the feel. REVOLUTION is 5 degree softer than traditional rubbers and performs remarkably softer than soft rubbers. You will find it has a "click" sound like a speed glued rubber. It has definitely more spin than a usual rubber but on the other hand it is not so much faster than it would cause any problems when changing to this TENSOR product. Not recommended for speed-gluing. Recommendation: for players of all levels Phiosophy: max, feel/max, spin Density: soft inverted pimples Thickness of sponge: 1.5/1.8/2.1/max S98 SP97 C75
ROCKET HARD HARD: 1.6/1.8/2.1/MAX S99 - SP102 - C85 The andro ROCKET, built up after intensive testing and devloping work, is a product for skilled table tennis players. Sponge, surface and the gluing of both items have been basically new developed. Developement was focused on the target of having better characteristics when speed gluing as well as having a compact ball feeling, accompagnied by accuracy for those strokes, done with maximum speed and spin. ***FOR HIGH CLASS PLAYERS***
androzenithgn.gif andro Zenith G
Zenith G: Especially manufactured surface for remarkably more ball contact area. This especially matters when playing services, service returns, flips or short strokes over the table. This is only possible because the rubber has more grip ability so in turn the ball gets more spin. Moreover: ZENITH G is manufactured with a 100% natural caoutchouc sponge, a German development. S:97 SP:97 C:70 Philosophy: powerful topspins Density: medium inverted pimples Thickness of sponge: 1.5/1.7/1.9/2.1/max.
androZenithGSup.jpg andro Zenith G Supersponge
Zenith G Supersponge: Version is the perfect mixture of natural and synthetic caoutchouc, which makes it distinctive. The natural caoutchouc is responsible for spin, the synthetic caoutchouc for speed. The Supersponge invention complements and combines pressure and tension traction at its utmost. The 38-degree sponge possesses the ultimate feeling obtainable from the new sponge generation. We recommend the use of andro FUTURE glue for Zenith G rubbers! S:95-98 SP:98 C:80 Philosophy: soft ball contact + power sound Density: soft inverted pimples Thickness of sponge: 1.7/1.9/2.1/max.
androPlasma470.jpg andro Rubber - PLASMA 470
PLASMA 470 HARD - S110 - SP105 - C75 1.8/2.0/MAX - RED & BLACK The most powerful of the three PLASMA rubbers is specificially designed for the top class player. Despite its middle hard sponge the PLASMA 470 provides a soft and controlled playing feeling. During fast topspin strokes it is clearly the rubber with the biggest power within the andro range at the moment! STRONGEST BUILT-IN SPEED-GLUE EFFECT ***for high class players***
androPlasma430.jpg andro Rubber - PLASMA 430
PLASMA 430 MEDIUM - 1.8/2.0/MAX S105 - SP103 - C80 The PLASMA 430 will appeal to every player right from the beginning. The spong is 5 degree softer compared to the 470. In combination with its high performance upper layer every topspin ball will get an immediate fantastic acceleration. One can feel this from the tremendous trampoline effect - also during slower strokes. The PLASMA 430 is designed for the top athlete as well as for the mid-to-lower-class player to whom HI-TEC rubbers are a great new alternative. STRONGEST BUILT-IN SPEED-GLUE EFFECT ***FOR PLAYERS OF ALL LEVELS***
androPlasma380.jpg andro Rubber - PLASMA 380
PLASMA 380 SOFT - 1.6/1.8/2.0/MAX S96 - SP101 - C92 The PLASMA 380 will inspire all players searching for an ultra soft and super elastic attacking rubber. The 380 convinces by its extraordinary good control for the ball and it acts extremely mistakes forgiving particularly for youth players. The speed level suits lower class players best as they will be able to control the 380 also in difficult situations without a problem. STRONGEST BUILT-IN SPEED-GLUE EFFECT ***FOR MID AND LOWER CLASS PLAYERS***
androPlasmaWomen.jpg andro Rubber - PLASMA WOMEN
PLASMA WOMEN SOFT - 1.8/2.0/MAX S96 - SP101 - C92 The outstandingly successful PLASMA series is extended by another top product. What is normal in other sports since years is now finally happening in table tennis. For the first time in the history of table tennis a European brand has created a high performance rubber for the specific needs of female players. This product ispointing out the significance of women's table tennis for our sports - the individuality is underlined by the women characteristic. The andro PLASMA WOMEN particularly incorporates the features that stand for modern women's table tennis. ***FOR THE MODERN FEMALE PLAYER***
androIMPULSSPEED.jpg andro Rubber - IMPULS SPEED
IMPULS SPEED SOFT: 1.8/2.0/MAX S89 SP105 - C94 The Impuls SPEED releases significantly more speed and spin than the successful Impuls rubber - without losing control. Being the softest of all andro TENSOR BIOS rubbers so far, it is made of a hamonised rubber recipe that provides players of average and lower class levels with more controlled power during active strokes. The character of the Impuls SPEED combines two rubber types: the very soft sponge absorbs the opponent's speed in the passive control play very well. In the active playing modus it enables to more energy. The strong sound and improved ball handling will impress every player immediately. Experience fewer mistakes due tot he extra high flying curve and bigger ideal hitting area. ***FOR MID AND LOWER CLASS PLAYERS***
androQUAD420.jpg andro Rubber - QUAD 420
QUAD 420 SOFT: 1.6/1.8/2.0/MAX S96 - SP104 - C90 The soft constructed QUAD 420 will suit all those players, preferring softer rubbers and will give them unprecedneted control combined with excellent spin and speed values. The QUAD 420 has the most sound of the QUAD family. Its strengths appear when doing slower strokes. Due to its soft sponge the QUAD 420 reacts very early on topspins but without reaching the speed values of QUAD 450 and QUAD 480. Recommended for players of mid and lower levels, the QUAD 420 is the one that forgives most when players make technical failures. It is primarily developed for non-speed-gluers. STRONGEST TENSOR-EFFECT ***FOR MID AND LOWER CLASS PLAYERS***
androQUAD450.jpg andro Rubber - QUAD 450
QUAD 450 MEDIUM - 1.8/2.0/MAX S102 - SP104 - C80 The QUAD 450 is the allrounder of the QUAD family. It convinces by its excellent ball feedback and - linked to it - the high precision of the strokes. Fast topspins and passive blocks, the QUAD 450 will serve you best. Also during service, return and short play above the table you will experience the excellent feeling for the ball. Though it dos not reach the speed maximum of the QUAD 480, instead it generates a higher ball rotation speed already during slower topspin strokes. The andro REVOLUTION QUAD 450 is a rubber for players of all levels. STRONGEST TENSOR-EFFECT ***FOR PLAYERS OF ALL LEVELS***
ROCKET - MEDIUM MEDIUM: 1.6/1.8/2.0/MAX S97 - SP100 - C87 andro extends the successful ROCKET series. With improved surface structure the ROCKET series are the benchmark for all classic pimples inside rubbers. andro ROCKET MEDIUM has a medium hard sponge and gives a sensitive stroke to the player. Above all the spin-offensive player will feel true joy with this rubber. RECOMMENDATION FOR ALL CLASS PLAYERS ACTING WITH MIDDLE FAST ARM MOVEMENTS. ***FOR PLAYERS OF ALL LEVELS***
ROCKET SOFT SOFT: 1.6/1.8/2.0/MAX S95 - SP99 - C89 andro ROCKET SOFT offers the right feeling for the spin specialist. The intensive grip of the upper rubber effectively supports controlled offensive strokes. Especially speed glued the soft type of the andro ROCKET offers the full sound. Semi distance topspin strokes are a pleasure with the andro ROCKET SOFT. FOR ALL LEVEL AND TALENTED YOUNG PLAYERS WITH SLOWER ARM MOVEMENTS ***FOR MID AND LOWER CLASS PLAYERS***
androRevCOR.jpg andro Revolution C.O.R. - HARD
andro REVOLUTION C.O.R. - HARD 1.6/3.8/2.0/MAX It is becoming more and more known amongst table tennis players that rubbers, produced in TENSOR technique, are the ultimative alternative for those players, who generally don't want to glue or don't want to practice fresh-gluing anymore. andro tried to achieve more. starting a new development project, our best players and technicians have been instructed to bring the benefits of TENSOR technique regarding ball control and sound also to those players, who want to fresh-glue hard rubers. The completion of this research and development resulted into one of the most amazing technical innovations ever made. When hitting the ball, you can achieve an unbelievable trampolin effect; this happens because of the stabile and extra elastic upper layer. You will hardly find any other andro rubber, transmitting the energy of a stroke into speed and spin in such a way, as if happens when using REVOLUTION C.O.R.
androRevCOR2.jpg andro Revolution C.O.R. SUPERSPONGE - SOFT
andro Revolution C.O.R. Supersponge - Soft 1.6/1.8/2.0/MAX With andro REVOLUTION C.O.R. SUPERSPONGE you will enter a new category of "sound". As to recognize at all rubbers produced with TENSOR technique, the sound directs ball control. SUPERSPONGE gives the feeling to hit the ball perfectly, even when it seems to be impractical. The sponge of Revolution C.O.R. SUPERSPONGE is built up slightly weaker than that of the superfast REVOLUTION C.O.R. After being fresh-glued, Revolution C.O.R. SUPERSPONGE brings out the most sound effects of all andro rubbers and gives you the best ball control. Due to his tendencious weak feeling, it is the type of rubber sheet that perfectly suits top players like Elke Wosik.
androHeXerHD.jpg andro HeXer HD
HEXER HD: 1.7/1.9/2.1mm - RED/BLACK - Modern table tennis is becoming more complex day by day. To enable you to keep step with new trends, we designed andro HeXer HD. During the development of this fourth generation TENSOR BIOS rubber we focused on the factor precision. The progressive, spinning surface structure gives you the feeling of leading the ball for a longer time during the stroke and bringing the ball to its target point. Topspins and counterspins on highest possible level hitting the target precisely (High Definition Performance)will become an important part of your repertoire. The powerful catapult and speed gluing effect for which TENSOR BIOS rubbers are famous for provides HeXER HD with the certain power so that you do not miss speed and feedback. Extend your game with the factor precision-discover HeXer HD! PHILOSOPHY: For players who define themselves with Spin, Speed and precise strokes!
androHeXerPlus.jpg andro HeXer+
HeXer+ - 1.7/1.9/2.1m/m - RED/BLACK - Are you looking for a rubber whose strength is comfortable ball feedback? Whose speed consistently puts pressure on your opponent and adds unimagined precision to your game? Then go for HeXer PLUS! The new recipe of the upper layer combined with progressive pips geometry gives HeXer+ a strong trampoline effect and a comfortable flat ball rebound angle. Thus the ball can faster make its way to the target-this enables the player to generate more pace while less energy is needed (PACE PERFORMANCE). The HeXer-sponge of the fourth TENSOR-generation provides the dynamics you search for and strokes from all table distances will be routine. PHILOSOPHY: For players whose own versatility is their key to success!
androHeXerPowersponge.jpg andro HeXer Powersponge
HeXer Powersponge - 2.1m/m - RED/BLACK - Thanks to this HeXer version also players with preference for soft rubbers and sensational speed glue sound(sound performance) can benefit from the advantages of the fourth Tensor generation. The in-bound rotation energy is absorbed by the rubber and immediately gets transferred to active out-bound energy. The soft Powersponge generously forgives slight mistakes regarding optimum ball hitting area resulting in outstanding control characteristics. The excellent ball feedback provides additional confidence while hitting the ball. PHILOSOPHY: For players of all levels wanting to experience speed and loud sound sensation without missing control!
androHeXerDuro.jpg andro HeXer Duro
HeXer DURO - 1.7/1.9/2.1m/m - RED/BLACK - HeXer Duro is designed for all players who demand from their rubber strong spin and speed characteristics combined with very good durability. The 100% natural caoutchouic upper layer and the medium-hand sponge in HeXer technology give access to a very broad range of strokes: the sticky upper layer provides a prolonged ball contact time - thus the player leads the ball longer and experiences more control during passive as well as during active strokes. The highly developed endurance enables a later change of rubbers which is comfortable and economic. This has made the HeXer Duro earn the rating LONGLASTING PERFORMANCE. PHILOSOPHY: For players of all levels, who prefer long lasting rubbers with constant playing characteristics and technical durability.
androHeXerPipsPlus.jpg andro HeXer Pips+
HeXer PIPS+ - 1.7/1.9/2.1m/m - RED/BLACK - Acts mistake-forgivingly without ignoring certain power reserves! This fourth generation TENSOR rubber provides you with a very comfortable feeling when you smash and hit which is caused by the soft sponge made of 100% natural rubber and the narrow pimples. It offers you a stable feedback for passive strokes while the huge power reserves can be activated at any time in an easy way. The very special feature of HeXer PIPS+ is the option to choose between a legthwise and a crosswise pimple geometry (ELECTIC PERFORMANCE). PHILOSOPHY: Focus on: gental control or non-stop aggressiveness!
androRoxon500.jpg andro RoXon 500 Pro
ROXON 500 PRO - 1.8/2.0/MAX m/m - RED & BLACK - The top athlete is our most critical customer. Right he is because his level of playing table tennis is so sophisicated that he is also setting high standards for his body and his material. The ROXON 500 PRO is designed for exactly this technically eleborate high-class player. Due to an optimised surface net structure the player can generate utmost stroke dynamic with this rubber. Precision and stability, broad sound and exercise book flying curve: that these effects can be reached with speed-glue only belongs to the past from now on ROXON is the future! PHILOSOPHY: For the absoulte player!
androRoXon450.jpg andro RoXon 450
ROXON 450 - 1.8/2.0/MAX m/m - The demand for the material is growing with the playing level. With his balanced technical skills the player of the ROXON 450 is able to ideally control this rubber's power and dynamic. The athlete benefits from the reduced rubber weight of the ROXON 450 by faster and more precise arm movements. The stabilisation in the molecular caoutchouc layer results in a high abrasion resistance - long endurance and a shiny surface are the impressive evidence. The rebound effect will inspire all former speed gilung players also during non-centered hits. The seceret lies in the rubber mixture, not in the glue! PHILOSOPHY: For ambitious players of all playing levels!
androblowfish.jpg andro BLOWFISH
BLOWFISH - 1.8/2.0/MAX m/m - Already after short adaptation time, the short pimples of the BLOWFISH are your weapon to set every opponet under pressure. The new type, aggressive pimple design sucessfully creates topspins as well as effictive block and counterattacking strokes. In combination with the innovative TENSOR technology, BLOWFISH thrills by an output of speed, not yet experienced with short pimple rubbers. Furthermore, the feelingly soft sponge causes uotmost sensibility, ball contact feedback and control. As a result, your performance is accompanied by a huge variety and is extremely unpuredictable for your rival. PHILOSOPHY: Soft, fast + Variable!
androrevofire.jpg andro REVO FIRE
REVO FIRE - 1.7/1.9/2.1 m/m - Maximum sweet spot + powerful topspin strokes TENSOR - not only more speed, more power and speedgluing sound, but also more spin and more feeling! The exceptional feeling of TENSOR rubbers is core of the REVO FIRE. The sponge absorbs the energy of the appearing ball when the player hits the ball and immediatly new energy is released. This effect, responsible for the special feeling, enables every player to have a very good control with the REVO FIRE. The medium adjusted sponge implements accents in active as well as in passive playing situations by demonstrating a briliant catapult effect. One can play fast and precise topspins and in decisive moments REVO FIRE offers its exsisting speed reserves in order to directly achieve the winning point. PHILOSOPHY: Ideal value-for-money for everybody!
androShifterPower.jpg andro SHIFTER Powersponge
SHIFTER POWERSPONGE - 1.5/1.7/1.9/2.1 m/m - the ideal choice for players who put their focus on control. Its soft and ellastic sponge provides an excellent service regarding fault tolerance and it makes andro SHIFTER POWERSPONGE become indispensable for youngsters that are learning new techniques. More experienced players take advantage of the combination of high control and the spinny surface that permits a variable playing style. Futhermore it leads passive as well as offensive strokes to their targets, no matter how difficult they are. PHIOSOPHY - Beyond that andro SHIFTER POWERSPONGE gives you the ultimate choice between two mounting options (0 degree or 90 degree). For maximum control!
androKrypto.jpg andro KRYPTO Long Pimples Out
andro KRYPTO Long Pimples Out - OX w/Out Sponge - Performance increase due to TENSOR is a well-known phenomenon for pimple inside rubbers. andro has furnished tricky pips rubbers with the TENSOR effect and gained amazing results. The unpredictability of the tricky pimples effect is significantly enforced by the TENSOR technology. Slice or non-slice, block or stop-block - with the KRYPTO the difference is even more stricking. The smooth pimple surface will get every ball to flutter and destroys the opponent's playing strategy. PHOLOSOPHY: No matter if blocking at the table or playing long defensive strokes - TENSOR - pimple-technology stands for a high dimension of spin reversal. One can only encourage the opponent not all players are armed with the KRYPTO!
ArmstrongNewChop.jpg Armstrong Tokyo, Japan - New Chopper
New Chopper - 1.5/2.1 m/m - The rubber sheet is very thin to increase the maximum effect of its sponge characteristic which is very soft and has an extra slow kick. Therefore, it showers the opponent's speed ball, and this rubber gives excellent control. PHILOSOPHY: For cut players, and super defense!
androRasant.jpg andro Rubber - RASANT
andro RASANT - 1.7/1.9/2.1m/m - For Offensive players heading to success by powerful topspins! Experience RASANT's compact play feeling caused by the unique, fine-pored green sponge! Disarm your opponent's spin by using the newly developed RASANT top sheet and kick-start your own, more dynamic topspin! Step up your stroke efficiency! Trigger toxic, better spins with an aggressive spin curve! Change the game to your favor! Take your performance to a higher level! Play RASANT by andro! Philosophy: Top Spin Density: Medium